Let’s start talking!

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Let’s start talking!

It’s been a little less than two years since I started Minnesota Nice Cards. 


Turns out we have a lot to discuss, so let’s start talking!



Never in a million years when I started buying into group breaks, or even when I started opening a two-box break for a couple friends online did I ever think it would turn into the business and community we have today. 


In less than 2 years, we’ve grown from 25 initial believers to 900+ individuals who all share a bond and a love for sports cards and the unique way to Chase them using group breaks. I’m very proud to say we’ve grown completely organically through word of mouth! 


I’m excited to share with you this new forum to open the opportunity for discussion of so many different card related topics. We will dive deeper into the case breaking business, the current status of the Bowman Prospect Chase, The Hobby in general and many others. We’ll certainly discuss our favorite products to break, our favorite products to buy into and potentially even rank our greatest pulls (2018 Bowman Draft Jarred Kelenic Superfractor Auto an easy leader in the clubhouse).


I will also use this as my personal forum for tracking Bowman/Bowman Chrome/Bowman Draft Prospect autographs most recent sales and related perceived value when it comes to PYT breaks!  Feel free to join me as I share details of the cards I’m chasing and why I am or am not buying into certain breaks!



Is centering really an issue with 2018 Bowman Draft? We’ll find out soon as I have a 45+ Bowman Draft Auto BGS submission due back next week!


I survived the 2018 Ohtani craze and all I got was this stupid T-shirt (and cards worth 1/2 the original value)  - we’ll explore who’s going to be the next Ohtani/Judge of 2019 Baseball Cards! Can Ohtani rookie cards regain their incredible initial resale?  


After breaking 15 cases of 2018 Bowman Draft Jumbo (and 3 never to be mentioned again Super Jumbo cases) we’ll continue our search for the best prospects first autos from the 2018 Draft class! I personally am chasing Trevor Larnach from the Twins!  This is partially because I am a huge Twins homer, partially because not many folks are on him yet and the Twins are still affordable in 2018 Draft PYTs and partially because I heard from a baseball prospect expert, who’s opinion I trust, that suggested he might be better than Royce Lewis and Alex Kiriloff (let that sink in)..

I have Trevor Larnach in a 4 Case Player Break on Monday night - wish me luck!


So many topics - so little time!


I encourage you all to get involved and comment/contribute as we explore these topics and more in the upcoming posts. 


Thank you for reading. 


Let’s talk soon!





@NiceCardsMN (twitter)  

@MNNiceCards (Instagram)










  • Josh

    Nice read bro. I need Ohtani to gain more traction for the Mega Box I won in a Line you posted. Love this group and the people I’ve met through it. Keep an eye on Rooker and Let’s Go Yankees

  • Kyle

    Awesome stuff, Ben. Excited for 2019!

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