About MN Nice Cards

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About MN Nice Cards

MN Nice Cards, LLC is a Plymouth, Minnesota based Sports Card Group Breaks and Online Sales company. Join me and over 900 members on Facebook to find all of the open group breaks.  There will be breaks at least 4-5 times a week.  We have Pick Your Team breaks as well as several random team formats.  We focus on full sealed case breaks, but occasionally you’ll find a half case or mixers.  I love Baseball cards, and the room does all three of Baseball, Basketball and Football!  

This is your opportunity to get cards from only the teams you want, for a fraction of the price of buying the whole box!

I started MN Nice Cards in March 2017 and have been steadily growing ever since. Join my group to buy in for cards from your favorite team, or simply to just watch the fun!

I always use a 3 camera set-up to ensure no shenanigans. I provide fast and securely packaged shipping and take pride in my personal customer service.

All sales are final unless a break does not fill.

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